World Flute Society


2018 Convention Presenters

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Dr. José Valentino

Presentation: Cultivating Creative Identity: Learning to Improvise in Different Styles of Music


Clint Goss and Vera Shanov

Presentation: Creative Flute Circle Facilitation Techniques

Creating a supportive, non-critical environment is key to facilitating gatherings for flute players. Clint and Vera will use basic world-music song forms and group facilitation techniques to build a session of live, improvisational music-making that includes all players. Bring your flute! Flute circle leaders will get a first-hand look at basic facilitation techniques that can be used to enrich your next gathering.


Suzanne Teng

Presentation: World Flutes and Low Flutes

This is a presentation detailing Suzanne's collection of flutes from China, Indonesia, West Africa, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. She will introduce and play 15 to 20 flutes from her collection, as well as how she learned to play them. Suzanne will discuss how she acquired her world flutes and where others can obtain these flute types. She will detail her use of world flutes in her career as a performer, recording artist, composer, educator, and session player.


Joanne Lazzaro

Presentation: The Art and Technique of Breathing and Vibrato

Take a deep breath! Breathing is key to flute playing, yet many players have difficulty with taking in enough air and using if effectively. In this presentation, Joanne will cover the optimal way to breath, as well as dispel some common myths. In addition, she will explore coloring your sound with vibrato. Joanne will also demonstrate techniques used by famous flutists to learn and teach a beautiful vibrato that is controlled by your musical choices. Hint: Laughing is involved.


Rona Yellow Robe

Presentation: Storytelling with the Native American Flute/Sound Healing

Listen as Rona shares how she communicates with her audience through stories. She uses the Native American flute to enhance the stories which helps the listener to delve deeper into the story being told.


Dr. Andra Bohnet

Presentation: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Celtic Flute And Whistle, but Were Afraid to Ask!

Dr. Andra Bohnet explains how to play Celtic music in a way that will keep you from sounding like a faker. Bring your flute or whistle (D/concert pitch) and your ears, and have some fun. Slanté!


Bobb Fantauzzo

Presentation: Native Roots of Jazz

Jazz has always been recognized as being rooted in both African and European music. And, this is true. However, another overlooked root exists, namely Native American music. Like the delta blues, jazz grew out of the interactions between European, African, and Native American cultures.

This presentation explores the influence of Native American music on jazz and the contributions made by jazz masters with Native American roots including Dave Brubeck (Modoc), Don Cherry (Choctaw), Miles Davis (Cherokee), Duke Ellington (Cherokee), Dizzy Gillespie (Tuscarora), and Charlie Parker (Choctaw).


Michael Graham Allen (Coyote Oldman)

Presentation: Playing Rim-Blown Flutes and the Creative Process


Ángel Sampedro del Río

Presentation: Acoustics of World Flutes

In this workshop, Ángel Sampedro del Río will discuss his acoustical and scientific approach for constructing instruments like the the South American quena. Angel will also do a show-and-tell about the acoustics of other world flutes, such as the shakuhachi, bansuri, bamboo saxophone, and more. He will also discuss important aspects of the woods he uses to build instruments.