World Flute Society


2018 Convention Presenters

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Clint Goss and Vera Shanov

Presentation: Creative Flute Circle Facilitation Techniques

Creating a supportive, non-critical environment is key to facilitating gatherings for flute players. Clint and Vera will use basic world-music song forms and group facilitation techniques to build a session of live, improvisational music-making that includes all players. Bring your flute! Flute circle leaders will get a first-hand look at basic facilitation techniques that can be used to enrich your next gathering.


Suzanne Teng

Presentation: World Flutes and Low Flutes

This is a presentation detailing Suzanne's collection of flutes from China, Indonesia, West Africa, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. She will introduce and play 15 to 20 flutes from her collection, as well as how she learned to play them. Suzanne will discuss how she acquired her world flutes and where others can obtain these flute types. She will detail her use of world flutes in her career as a performer, recording artist, composer, educator, and session player.